• What parents and guardians NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COVID-19 TEST TO STAY Program

    Do you have questions about the free COVID-19 “Test to Stay” Program at The Laurel School District?

    Below are answers to questions you may have.

  • Why is our school testing for COVID-19?

  • What is the COVID-19 “Test to Stay” Program?

How the “Test to Stay” Program Works

  • Who can participate in the “Test to Stay” Program?

  • How does “Test to Stay” work for my student?

  • Can my student participate in the “Test to Stay” Program if they are not enrolled in the COVID-19 Testing Program?

  • What if my student is exposed to COVID-19 and does not participate in “Test to Stay”?

  • Does my student need to participate in weekly testing or “Test to Stay” if they are fully vaccinated?

  • How will students be tested in the “Test to Stay” Program?

  • When and where will the tests occur?

  • Will testing be available on Sundays so they can go back to school on Monday?

  • How long will it take to receive test results?

  • How will parents/caregivers be notified of results?

  • Can students in “Test to Stay” participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities?

  • What if my student tests positive?

  • How will the school protect my student’s privacy?

  • The CDC recommends everyone 5 years and older get a COVID-19 vaccine to help protect against COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free. Getting vaccinated prevents severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. Additionally, vaccinated students and staff do not have to quarantine after being exposed to someone with COVID-19. Visit vaccines.gov to find vaccination providers near you.

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