About the Laurel Alumni Association

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Laurel Alumni Association Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Laurel Alumni Scholarship Foundation, Inc., is to solicit funds from the Regular Members and the Associate Members of the Laurel Alumni Association lnc., and the general public, to provide financial aid to qualified students. Financial aid will be given during the first two years of college or trade school certifications. 


  • President: 
    Randy Hill

    1st Vice President: 
    Kelly Whaley

    2nd  Vice President:

    Immediate Past President: 
    Kelly Whaley

    Treasurer General Fund: 
    Ellen Hearn

    Treasurer Scholarship Fund: 
    E. Stephen Callaway 

    Recording Secretary: 
    Gary Owens

    Corresponding Secretary: 
    Janet Morgan 

    Recording Historian: 
    Edna Millman

    Membership Committee Chairperson: 
    Betsy Davis