• Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

    The Laurel School District’s adopted policies on each of the following health and safety strategies are described below.

    The Laurel School District is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff.


  • A. Universal and correct wearing of masks

    Face Coverings Expectations (based on CDC guidance)

    All staff, students, and district contractors will be required to wear face coverings that fit snugly over both the mouth and nose except when doing so would inhibit the individual's health as documented by their PCP or medical specialist. Face coverings are required inside all school buildings when students are present.

    • NO sharing of face masks
    • Face masks are part of the Laurel School District uniform
    • Face Shields - Are not a replacement for a cloth face covering. but may be used in conjunction with the mask when concern that exposure to the eyes may occur
    • NO gaiters or bandanas - cloth face coverings must be double layered fabric
    • All students will be provided a new mask upon arrival to the nurse's office to wear until picked up by the parent/guardian
    • All bus drivers, bus aides, and students must wear cloth face coverings over both the mouth and nose at all times on school buses (entering, exiting, and seated)

Physical Distancing

  • B. Physical Distancing

    All students and staff should maintain social distancing as directed by DPH and DDOE guidelines for school and bus settings.

    • 6' or greater between individuals is recommended
    • 3' between individuals with face coverings is required
    • Individual desks are recommended and should all face the same direction (classroom and cafeteria settin
    • Hallways or corridors should flow in one direction as much as possible (limited hallway traffic)
    • Limit entry and exit points to the building as feasible
    • Gatherings will be limited according to DPH guidelines
    • Capacity will be limited by the number of students that can be seated between 3 or more feet apart on the school bus (maximum capacity of 24 people including the bus driver on each bus)
    • Bus drivers will assign seating; one student per row in a staggered fashion. All bus drivers will maintain a seating chart on the bus. Bus drivers will place decals/tape to indicate where students should sit.


  • C. Handwashing

    Hand Hygiene

    • All students and staff will have access to handwashing facilities and supplies, hand sanitizer, and opportunities to practice hand hygiene frequently throughout the day.
    • Hand sanitizer per DPH recommendations will be provided throughout the school.
    • Families wishing to opt out of hand sanitizer use must complete a form.


  • Self-Screening and Health Monitoring

  • Response To COVID-19 Cases

  • Testing

  • Vaccination Events


      • The Laurel School District is dedicated to ensuring the continuity of services to address the multiple facets listed above. We plan to do that by utilizing the following:

        • Continuity of learning acceleration with the implementation of year 2 of the Bulldog Summer Academy in the summer of 2022.
        • Hiring for Reading, ELA and Math positions that focus on interaction and student enrichment.
        • Hiring instructors that allow for students to complete high dosage after school tutoring.
        • Committing to the renewal of high quality instructional materials for students.
        • Investing in best learning materials and professional development for teachers to be able to provide high quality instruction to our students.
        • Implementing resources to our students such as Behavioral Health Coordinators to provide social-emotional learning curriculum to our students.
        • Renewal of technology programs that provide blended learning so that District can individualize student instruction.
        • Continuing with our 1:1 District-wide technology initiative as well as upgrading staff instructional technology so that we may better interact with our students