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Check out SORA.

How to access the digital library, SORA: 

  1.   To access the shared collection, download the Sora app from the Google Play or Apple App stores or access Sora via the browser at When signing into the collection your student will use their Classlink credentials.


  1. To log into Delaware Library using their school authentication.

                     How to add a library

          To add your library:

  1. Click or tap.
  2. Select Add a library.
  3. Use the search box to find Delaware Libraries, then select This is my library. The library will open in the Explore tab.
  4. When you are ready to borrow a book, click on the Borrow or Place Hold.  You will be asked to Sign into your Library.  Select your school district from the drop down and log in with your school credentials.


  1. Borrowing Books through Sora:
  • Lending Period- 14 days – 90 days (general library titles will default to 14 day lending periods, titles used in curriculum will in most cases have a 90-day lending period)
  • Checkout Limit- 3 checkouts at a time
  • Don’t forget, your students can also return titles early! 
  • User-friendly Sora tutorial Perfect for posting to your site or sending to your students!